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Elisya Maranti

Elisya Maranti

We are mortified with the issues of correctness etiquette behaviour and manner. We are ever in the regions of questions unanswered by several, that do not necessarily belong to us in the close ..

“ Was I ok .. did I do something wrong .. are you upset with my behaviour .. was it ethical for me to do this and did the right etiquette come in place ..”

A constant refrain ..

But it is not required as far as I am concerned .. many among the Ef have this constant questioning .. and I find it most unnecessary .. I find it unnecessary because, firstly, if there was an issue I would not hesitate to state it .. and secondly, when such an anxiety is expressed, it conveys to me a certain insecurity .. to be insecure of my feelings and my love and care is a sign of mistrust about me .. that is not very pleasant to know .. my trust and my affection is never under any cloud, as far as my Ef is concerned .. you have had the liberty of annoyance of abuse of anger .. and to me that is but natural and normal .. you get upset with them who are in closed envelopes with you .. those envelopes are ours, they have been stamped with our care and love .. they cannot be opened by any other, because they are sealed with our understanding .. that is all that matters for me ..

NOW ..

Many of you may have other interpretations or ideas, that conflict with my thinking .. fine .. that is a sort of democratic liberty and right that I have given correctness to .. and that shall always be revered and accepted and admired by me, come what may .. you could leave, depart, alienate yourself from me, of your own reckoning and desire .. that shall not be reciprocated by me .. many have and many may in the future .. fine .. I respect the presence of all .. I shall never disrespect their absence ..

SO ..

After this great big emotional spiel, which could bring in the ‘awwws’ and the ‘oohhhs’ and ‘aaaahhhs’ .. I shall depart .. momentarily ..

I have spoken more than what is expected of me .. so its time to shut up .. !!

GN all ..