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Elisya Maranti

Elisya Maranti

Suddenly there is peace .. peace in the quietude, of the freshness of air, the silence of atmosphere, the chilled breeze of the ranges and the beat of the heart, unheard before, heard vividly now ..

Silence awakens nothing .. sleeps nothing .. drifts, and in leisure fashion, drapes itself beyond the contours of our physique, a physique acclimatised to the vagaries of urban destitution – vague, impersonal, opportunistic and non committal .. pulling force upon our present to reframe and reset perhaps the years of the litmus that we endure through the years of fighting the inevitable .. but emerging victorious ..

In the end, all end in victory .. we prepare, we represent, we endure and battle and then come out embellished in the smile of the winning podium .. even in our passing there is victory – we vanquish our body, our system ; we beat them back, for, we leave for mightier more enlightened realms .. but they that get left behind, eliminated by the ending, have to burn or visit the depths of reality and be dissolved to dust or ashes .. that is the cycle designed for us, by us, or whoever does design us .. !

This is the heights of the divine preset .. the Gods that invite to the world of the common, but through the channels of their sustained religious implants ..

there is reminiscence of the years gone by and the visit in the early years of University and the first feel of the location at now, accompanied by the parents, or rather we accompanying parents, brought here by belief, by divinity, by divine friends and by their intense desire of sharing theirs with us in a collective drive .. much what brings us here today ..