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Elisya Maranti
Elisya Maranti

Elisya Maranti

It is odd to be here at this time of the hour .. it is odd to be contemplating what should be the text or thoughts this time of the morn .. it is odd ..
BUT .. ( i am beginning to make use of this word rather often .. hmm .. )

What really is of interest to me is the promise of return ; a return in the morning after having assured all in the post gone by !

There are times in all honesty, when an erratic night, does compel me to get out of the duvet and communicate with the Elisya families. And there have been many such days when I have wished that I could write immediately while the sun still shines. Many such. But – damn, brought that word out again – I reckon any time is a good time to communicate with the Elisya families .. and now is as good a time as any !

Commentating on events and occasions must be a most educational and knowledged occupation. The intricacies of the moment, the study of the personnel involved, the information meted out and the interest of the listening or present audience being prime in the vocation. Do they psychologically prepare the listener of what could be expected ? Could they be conveying to them that cannot listen, their opinion or reactions ? Can a bias be stimulated to take a popular stance for the employer or nation or team or corporate ?

When you have millions and millions of those that rely on the words of the informer, a certain degree of penetration must perforce be taking place in the influence bracket. Influence, a most widely used term and perhaps most often used in general parlance. I may listen, read or see to be in a vital position of influence. I may listen, read or see and be in a vital position of not being influenced at all .. this percentage could well be negligible and insignificant, but still have the capacity to change the minds of some if not all .. that ‘some’ or those ‘some’ could be right or completely wrong, but they would be cast in a spell of that which is right, or not right at all, or vice versa .. the dilemma really is the influence factor ! Could my ‘influence’ be strong enough to bear an onslaught of the reverse. The reverse shall be present of course. Life always has them all the time. Most occasions, in unknown sudden forms. Are we then prepared for it. Or conversely should we at all times be not prepared for it. Not being prepared brings surprises of some pleasant nature – provided the news is worthy and attractive. If not, it has other not too pleasant effects.

What then should we be in a state to accommodate all !?

And in the end it all boils down to those very multi used expressions, done to death by the ‘pundits’ of advice givers : OPTIMISTIC & PESSIMISTIC !!

Both of them drive me to umbrella myself in what to me “reeks of garlic from every pore” .. the ALTERNATIVE. The alternative shall prevail in optimism if it fails, and in pessimism if that does too.

To me then the ALTERNATIVE is more reliable .. if an alternative pervades my thinking do I succumb to the oft repeated O’s and P’s of ‘mism’ .. ?

I wonder .. I wonder often .. at times painfully .. for others and most prominently for myself ..